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Nottingham Culture Calendar is a collaborative calendar to better share information around events, programme and cultural/creative activities across the city. To view or access the calendar please sign up to What Next? Nottingham.

What Next? is a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations from across the UK, to articulate, champion and strengthen the role of culture in our society.

We want to work collaboratively to build alliances outside of the cultural sector, build relationships with local and national government and engage the public in new and different conversations about the arts.

What Next? is an experiment. We are not constituted and strive to remain non-hierarchical, open and responsive to best meet the needs of our chapter attenders. We aim to be responsive to the changing climate and the ideas of everyone who gets involved.

In Nottingham, What Next? meets every two weeks usually at Broadway Cinema at 8.30am – 9.30am on a Tuesday during term time. The chapter is co-chaired by Edward Boott, Jon Laud, Genevieve Preece and Ben Rawson with support of the What Next? Nottingham Membership.

To join What Next? Nottingham and add your voice to the conversation simply sign up to our mailing list – there’s no pressure to attend every meeting, but this will keep you in the loop.

To find out more about the What Next? movement across the UK, click here.

If you have any questions about What Next? Nottingham, please email hello@wearenonsuch.com.