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Undivided is a revolutionary, UK-wide campaign to champion the voices and opinions of those aged 13-29 in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.


“We are a group of 30 young people from different backgrounds who came together in the wake of the EU Referendum. Between us, we voted Remain, Leave or didn’t vote at all (some of us are under 18!). But regardless of how we voted, we are connected by the desire to fight for young people’s interests in all Brexit negotiations and ensure positive change. This is a campaign led by young people for young people.”

Working closely in partnership with Undivided, Nonsuch’s artistic director, Edward Boott, led the National Programme of the Campaign and Nonsuch’s community outreach team delivered an intensive series of workshops across the East Midlands to empower thousands of 13-29s to vote what they want to see post-Brexit in January 2017.

Currently Undivided is developing new programmes to continue it’s amazing work throughout the 2 year process of triggering article 50 and leaving the European Union.

We are Undivided Voices in a Divided Nation and #WeDemand our opinions are heard.


In January 2017 we collected


votes on Brexit priorities through


creative workshops and assemblies, working with


13-18 year olds from across the East Midlands.