The Fun Police

by Nonsuch



Be Safe.

Stay Safe.

           This is a safety announcement.

           Please do not smile.

           Smiling is frivolous and frivolity causes danger.

           Thank you for your co-operation.

There is nothing like the danger of fun to put a downer on any festival or event. Thankfully the elite force of The Fun Police are on hand to ensure no smiles are seen and no mischief goes unnoticed.

The Fun Police are there to keep you safe, ensuring mediocre celebration for all. Why not watch our operational footage from Nottingham’s Splendour Festival to see for yourself how they kept the revellers under control.

Creative Team

Finlay McFarlane

Edward Boott

Carlos Mendoza de Hevia

Josh Spriggs

Sasha Harrington

Barbara Rivas

To enlist the support of The Fun Police at your festival, event or celebration get in touch with edward@wearenonsuch.com.