Tales of the Fantastic

by Nonsuch



An adventure like no other.

On a journey like no other – what will you find?


An incredible journey of mirrors, magic, space and delight for adventurers both young & old!

Join us for a voyage of discovery through magical tales and mystical worlds in the Tales of the Fantastic.

We’ll journey down paths that have already been trodden, through doors that have never been opened and step into dreams that are wonderfully impossible…

…As two adventurers travel into the unknown, you’ll join them and guide them on their way. You’ll witness their discoveries and be inspired by their tales as they unearth mysteries and find wonders that are simply too fantastic to be ignored.

They’re both set, are you?

Creative Team

Create & Performed by

Barbara Rivas

Edward Boott


Clara Solana

For more information about Tales of the Fantastic or to book the show please contact edward@wearenonsuch.com.