by Nonsuch



Journey to the rising of the moon…

A special commission for Light Night 2015


On the night of the last full moon before spring, 6 mysterious individuals and their followers make their way to Manentown for the annual Festival of the Rising Moon – an evening of festivities, celebration and reflection in anticipation of the coming spring.


Travelling from far and wide our pilgrims witness the power of the light on this seasonal night of power and freedom. What will the light do to you?


Come and join the residents of Manentown for a festival not to be missed! Drink MoonShine with the locals, taste MoonCake and plan your cruise to the Sea of Tranquility.

Creative Team


Edward Boott


Stefania Pisoni

Daniel Lilleskog

Melanie Keith

Henriette Kristensen

Edward Boott

Barbara Rivas

The Nonsuch Young Company

Scenic Design

Rachael Ryan

Lighting Design

Jessica HHY

Jon Ander

Production & Stage Management

Caitlin O’Reilly

Laura Macrae