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Following the Arts Council’s drive to create Cultural Education Partnerships across England to improve access to cultural education and cultural opportunities, Nonsuch are working with the Creative Quarter (leaders of Nottingham’s Cultural Education Partnership) to lead a revolutionary youth engagement platform for 13-25 year olds in the city.

Do Your Thing is a youth-led platform which is being designed in collaboration with 13-25s from across Nottingham as a programme that will engage with all young people through technology, not just those who traditionally have access to cultural organisations.

Initially taking the form of an online magazine, Do Your Thing will function to showcase the creative talents of Nottingham, and become a trusted home of Nottingham’s youth voice. Over time, as its audience and technology develops, Do Your Thing will shift and change to engage better and learn from the insight we receive.

We have big ambitions for Do Your Thing both as an online magazine where the youth voice of Nottingham is enabled to thrive, but also as a creative development programme, events platform and a conduit between 13-25s and cultural organisations in Nottingham City.

We’re not reinventing the wheel, but Do Your Thing will engage with it’s audience on their level, using available technology and existing platforms to help narrow the gap between those who engage with culture and those who don’t.

Developing, empowering and championing the creative talents of 13-25 year olds in Nottingham City through technology.


Do Your Thing will begin delivering programmes, platforms and opportunities for 13-25s in Nottingham from April 2017. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the amazing things we’re doing.