Arts Award

What is Arts Award? 
Arts Awards are a unique set of nationally recognised qualifications designed for young people aged 5-25. Through these awards, young people develop as individual artists, become inspired to connect with wider arts and grow as leaders ahead of their future careers.

Primary School Arts Award Levels

Discover Arts Award (Ages 5+)

Arts Award Discover is an introductory level and the perfect way for young people at Primary School to begin their Arts Award Journey. Taught in 1 day or over 5 weeks.

Explore Arts Award (Ages 7+) 

Through Explore, young people refine their arts practice by taking in a range of arts activities, exploring the work of artists and arts organisations. Explore is an Entry Level 3 qualification. Taught over 6 weeks.

Secondary Levels 

Bronze (Ages 11+)

Bronze sees young people begin to work more independently.  By taking part in professional arts activity young people gain skills before passing one on to others.  They then see an arts event and record their experience as an audience member, research into work and life of an inspiring artist and present their findings in a detailed portfolio.  Bronze is a Level 1 qualification.

Silver (Ages 14+)

For Silver Arts Award, young people develop their arts skills and lead an arts project across two units.  Young people build a portfolio to track their experiences and show their development whilst creating and collecting evidence along the way.  They also see live arts events and conduct detailed research into further opportunities.  Silver is a level 2 qualification.  

Gold (Ages 16+)

Gold Arts Award is the highest level through which students can gain 35 UCAS points upon completion.  Young people build a detailed and reflective portfolio that charts their development as an artist and arts leader.  They’re challenged by a new art-form, get involved with the wider arts world through training and placements, are inspired by live arts events, find out about artists and their careers, make the case for an arts issue they are passionate about and lead a large-scale arts project.  Gold is a level 3 qualification worth 35 UCAS points.

Why is Arts Award Important?

  1. Young People are inspired and energised by the arts
  2. Arts Award raises attainment by developing transferable skills and providing real-world engagement with core curriculum areas.
  3. Arts Award supports progression and can help bridge the gap to further study or the next stage of education.
  4. Awards add value to your institution through developing your young people’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) skills.
  5. Students are pushed to achieve through professional collaboration.
  6. It’s cost effective against running the programme in-house.
  7. It’s great fun!

Over the past four years, our community offer has grown from strength to strength, working with over 5,000 young people across the UK, delivering over 1000 arts award to high praise across the board.


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Working with Nonsuch in the delivery of your Arts Award programme provides a unique opportunity for the young people you work with to learn from, and be inspired by, an international contemporary arts organisation. We ensure that each of our programmes delivers the highest quantity of professional arts engagement possible through workshops with our artistic team, visits to other organisations and opportunities to perform.


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Arts Award is an amazing opportunity for organisations and institutions as well as a truly invaluable experience for young people as they develop into innovative, well rounded, creative individuals.  Whether you have questions about the qualification, funding or our delivery, get in contact!

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