Acqua Alta

by Nonsuch


Filtered Florals.movKM

What do you do when Noah leaves you to drown?

Noah, the most prosperous of the religious billionaires has landed on his feet. His fleet of cruise liners are the finest in the world and he is about to launch his latest flagship: Arkos, a glorious vessel complete with the world’s finest on-board menagerie.

In light of global warming and increased sea levels, Noah has filled his floating zoo with glorious creatures in order for he and his guests to relax and enjoy the wonders of the world’s most exotic animals from the comfort of sea-faring luxury. He has two of every single animal… well, apart from unicorns. Noah’s had enough of unicorns…

…Left waiting in an unknown location, six unicorns find themselves having to pass an ever-growing amount of time in expectation of Noah’s arrival. Yet as time goes on, their hooves become increasingly moist and their future increasingly short.

Acqua Alta invites you on a journey through memory and reality. Inspired by music and told through rhythm, the story unfolds as these beautiful creatures realise the reality of the singular question that emerges to redefine their fate.

Creative Team


Edward Boott


Daniel Lilleskog

Barbara Rivas

Henriette Kristensen

Edward Boott

Eva Solveig

Stefania Pisoni

Anna Korolainen

Melanie Keith

Scenic Design

Rachael Ryan

Lighting Design

Jon Ander

Jessica HHY

Sound Design

Harrison Lee


Laura Macrae