Nonsuch Presents

The Party’s Over

Touring across the UK & Europe from March 2019
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Exploding colour. Raining sand.

Leave your grey behind.


The Party’s Over


Peter never thought he’d be so grey. Pen-pushing 9 to 5’s and punishing commutes have left his outlook bleak. Enter Ellegua to rip him from reality into a void of music, strangers and chaos…


The Party’s Over is a carnival of latin soul in a realm of dreams. Explosive physicality, pulsing rhythms and bold lighting combine in this visually spectacular, dance theatre performance from Nottingham’s International Cultural Studio, Nonsuch.  

“Tearing from one feeling to the next, it’s a story about self discovery, and one that ultimately ripples with smiles. It sits somewhere in between Stranger ThingsLostThe Mask, all with a sprinkling of Inception. Best production I’ve seen in ages.”


Who’s it for?

The Party’s Over is a show for anyone aged 14+ but we like to focus on two core audience groups: 14-25s and 40-65+. 14-25s as exciting cultural consumers, interested in new work that’s loud, visual and engaging particularly respond to the show due to its style, form and content. Whilst those aged 40-65+ come with the experience of their lives behind them and relish the experience and release the show provides.

Our audiences like to know far in advance, get involved in workshops and wrap-around activity but book late. They’re social, interested in the new and will be ready to get involved in what we have to offer them.

We tour with our award-wining Community programmes (read more below) which often means we partner with schools, youth groups and institutions that support large group bookings.

Education & Community

At Nonsuch our work with communities is one of the most important things we do. We’re passionate that when we’re on tour we work hard to engage the communities that surround the venues we visit in order to develop individuals as well as audiences. 

At every venue we visit we hope to offer at least two, funded physical theatre workshops in local schools and FE institutions that explore performance technique, devising skill and repertoire from the show; a mime and physical theatre workshop for local artists; and a post-show discussion for audiences to find out more about the work. We find that this approach increases audiences from our target audience groups and creates a stronger relationship between ourselves and your audiences.

If your venue is part of a Cultural Education Partnership we will work your local CEP team to target engagement to those who need it most.

If you have an idea for a custom community engagement project for your audiences then let us know as we’d love to collaborate with you to create something great.

“Absolutely astounding. One of the best pieces of physical theatre I’ve seen in years.
Exhilarating, sandy, incredibly visual.


Technical Information

Minimum Playing Space: 8m wide x 6m deep with 3 wings and back pass

Show Notices: Atmospheric smoke effects, strobe lighting.

Age Rating: 14+

Audience Scale: 120 – 300 seats

Company on the Road: 8

Running Time: 1 hour 15 mins

Languages: English, Spanish & French

Lighting Requirements

  • A full lighting plan is available upon request
  • The show requires 6 side light stands (1 per wing)

Sound Requirements

  • A full sound specification is available upon request
  • The show’s sound is operated via QLab and requires 1 x mini jack imput
  • The company tours with 5 x radio lapel mics


  • Due to the physical and visually nature of the show we are working to ensure that Audio Description is available for performances during our 2018 tour.
“Nonsuch is an emerging company absolutely brimming with hard graft and talent that it is not emerging quietly.”


Nonsuch is an international cultural studio based in Nottingham. We work to pioneer cultural freedom through unlocking creativity and celebrating life across our creative, community and development programmes. 

Over the past four years over 55,000 people have seen, participated or been supported by our work across the UK and beyond.

Check out our Portfolio for some of the projects, events and campaigns we’ve ran.

For more information and to discuss The Party’s Over get in touch!

Email: edward@wearenonsuch.com

Tel: 0115 837 1950

Post: Nonsuch Studios, 32a Clarendon Street, Nottingham, NG1 5JD

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