All About Drama School: Workshop Details

You might have heard about our upcoming intensive session All About Drama School, where four of the UK’s top drama schools will be coming to Nonsuch to lead workshops and talks with anybody looking to enter professional training routes in the arts.

We will be welcoming Central School of Speech and Drama, RADA, East  15 and Italia Conti to Nonsuch Studios on Saturday 2 June and here’s what you can expect from each of their workshops:

Central School of Speech and Drama: Light Transforming Space

Lead by one of Royal Central’s experienced lighting tutors, you lucky things will learn the importance of design and the use of lighting in bringing a performance to life.

Lighting can create a whole new depth to a piece whether you want to create an impact, heighten tension or play with seasons and locations.

You’ll get the chance to learn and even test for yourselves how the professionals create their ideas from story board to model box to stage.

They will even show you how you can use that oh so important torch on your phone as a way of transforming a space with light!

RADA: Introduction to Shakespeare

The focus of this workshop will be on text analysis.

You will learn how to break down and analyse the text, how to understand rhyming schemes, how to look for the imagery and antithesis in Shakespeare’s writing and how grammar and punctuation can give you an insight into the thought processes of his characters.

You will leave this workshop with the basic tools needed to work on Shakespeare’s texts.

East 15 Acting School: World Performance

How do different cultures and traditions inform western theatre?

Our World Performance Workshop aims to broaden the understanding of world theatre, linking theatrical styles and techniques from around the world to storytelling and improvisation.

The session will be led by East 15 Acting School alumni, who will look closely at two world theatre forms – Balinese dance drama and Commedia dell’arte.

The session will provide participants with a chance to explore the physicality, movements and voice of various stock characters.

Italia Conti: Creating Character and Storytelling

This workshop will look at building character through physical and imaginative work.

You will be using improvisation and speed devising to build and tell a story with movement, sound, acting and narration.

It will be lead by Bradley Leech, programme director CertHE & head of 1st year BA (Hons) Acting, and Richard Mulholland, programme director BA (Hons) Musical Theatre.

All that sounds pretty nifty right?

Get yourself signed up for free admission to All About Drama School right here: wearenonsuch.com/portfolio/all-about-drama-school