A New Nonsuch…

Nonsuch Theatre has changed, and we’re very excited.

In the four years since we started our little theatre company, the number and variety of projects we’ve produced has grown considerably year on year, to a point now where making and producing performance is just one part of the activity we undertake. Therefore quite simply we’ve dropped ‘theatre’ not as a departure from performance, but to simply better reflect everything that we do – which quite often isn’t theatre.

Over the past few months we’ve asked ourselves lots of questions, sent out questionnaires, had post-it walls of ideas and suggestions for new names, new visions, strategies and an awful lot of blah, blah. The challenge was not about changing what we did as an organisation but finding ways to articulate everything we do better and more coherently.

No longer using the word ‘theatre’ in our name we then thought it would be slightly backwards to still be a ‘theatre company’. Many a post-it was written, thrown away or discarded with possible suggestions. Cultural Studio is what we settled on. We produce culture, and we’re also a bit of a ‘hub’ – we hated that word – so studio sounded better.

Whilst shaking our branding up a bit, we’re not changing what we do, but we are announcing some rather amazing new activities.

We’re producing new shows in collaboration with other artists, including The Beautiful Game by the amazing Next Door Dance, and Mis-Shape – a show for young audiences about chocolate and fitting in. We’re also continuing to develop The Party’s Over and sending The Fun Police back out on tour at festivals this summer!

Through our Community Programme we’ve thrilled to announce that we’re co-leading Nottingham’s Cultural Education Partnership through our incredibly exciting programme Do Your Thing and working with thousands of 13-29 year olds across the UK to get their voices heard on Brexit through our partnership with Undivided.

We’ve also got a brand new What’s On section where you can find out about all the juicy activities we’ve got taking part at Nonsuch Studios, around Nottingham and on tour!

We hope you enjoy what we’ve done with our new website and be sure send us an email at hello@wearenonsuch.com!